Naruto: Ultimate Roleplay Wiki


Doton: Tsuchi Gunjikoudou no Jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Military Movement Technique)
Description: This jutsu allows the user to enter the ground and "swim" in it for a limited time.

Doton: Bunshin no Jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Clone Skill)
Description: This jutsu creates one single clone out of the ground. Its defense is incredible, and it's very powerful, but lacks speed. Two hits will destroy the bunshin.

Koujin Bunshin no Jutsu (Dust Clone Technique)
Description: A simple bunshin jutsu, using dust and small particles of dirt found everywhere but the cleanest of places, the user is able to form a clone. The clone itself cannot attack, but can pose as a good distraction, since once it is hit, the dust and dirt particles burst open, entering the enemy's eyes, mouth and nose. Also, the clone can be dismissed at will.

Doton: Iwa Tounyuu no Jutsu (Earth Release: Rock Throw Technique)
Description: A small rock, the size of a fist, can be lifted and thrown using chakra.

Doton: Doroku Gaeshi (Earth Release: Rock Shield)
Description: In the jutsu, the user lifts up a giant piece of earth and uses it as a shield. For every rank, the shield grows 5 feet by 5 feet, and thickens by 3 inches.

Doton: Ishi Yoroi no Ude (Earth Release: Stone Bracers)
Description: By taking dirt and rubbing it on his/her arms or legs, after performing the necessary hand seals, the shinobi is able to create very durable defensive bracers that add extra protection when using the arms to block. The chakra that is infused in them help to soften the blows of any physical attacks. These are very useful for taijutsu users or to defend against an onslaught of upper body blows. These bracers block physical attacks.

Doton: Gou no Doro (Earth Release: Mud Moat)
Description: This jutsu converts the area immediately surrounding the performer of it into a a deep murky moat full of mud. The moat is at least 6 ft deep and four feet in radius (6 feet radius for genin, 8 feet for chuunin, 10 feet for Jounin, 15 feet for Sennin). Due to the nature of the moat, water walking can not be performed on it. Only an area of 1½ feet in diameter remains of solid, dry land for the user to stand on.

Tsuchi Tou Tou (Swift Earth)
Description: When performing this jutsu the shinobi places his/her hands on the ground and causes it to move rapidly away as if it were a conveyor belt. As the shinobi increases in skill and rank the size, speed, and range of this jutsu all increase.

Mizu Sousetsu no Jutsu (Water Founding Skill)
Description: Using the users earth Doton skills they will shift the earth slightly and a small hole will appear and then water will fill the hole in place of the earth. When it is filled there is no mud, or dirt in the water.

Doton Henge (Earth Release Transformation)
Description: By using this skill the user will be able to use their Doton ninjutsu to camoflauge their being. They are able to change shape into any human being in a respected being. With the transformation the earth will change color.

Torappingu no Jutsu (Trapping Skill)
Description: The user is able to make a 15 foot hole in the ground and cover the top of the hole lightly with earth, in a very small speed of time. With every rank the hole becomes bigger, and around Jonin level the user will be able to cover the hole with grass.


Name of Jutsu: Iwa Toge Fushido no Jutsu(Rock thorn bed jutsu)
Range of Jutsu: 25 feet from center
Description: After the user performs the necessary hand seals, they put both palms onto the ground. They force chakra into the ground and push down hard. 6 inch spikes raise out of the ground sticking straight up. This extends around the user 25 feet in each direction. The only spot not affected is a small 5 foot wide circle where the user is. These spikes are very sharp and can puncture skin very easily.

Doton: Shuriken no Jutsu (Earth Release: Stone Shuriken Skill)
Description: Widely used in situations where the user runs out of projectiles. By picking up dirt from the ground and infusing it with chakra, it molds together and takes the form of a shuriken.

Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Release: Inner Decapitation Skill)
Description: This earth jutsu allows the user to “dive” into the ground and move around in it as if it was water, or even thin air. This ability allows the user to get near an opponent without notice and when below him, pull down the opponent to ground, burying his body and leaving only the head above the ground. This particular jutsu isn’t an attack by itself, but it easily creates and opening for more deadly attacks.

Doton: Tamaishi Danmaku (Earth Release: Pebble barrage)
Description: Another basic technique. The user releases a surge of chakra that is capable of lifting small stones and pebbles off the ground and sending them flying towards the enemy. Only small stones up to the size of a grape can be sent flying, and objects too small such as sand will not be carried by the chakra. The force of this attack is not really damaging. It’s only something like having many pebbles thrown at you. It’s more of a distraction and annoyance than to actually damage. Yet, it’s pretty useful to distract an enemy while one makes an escape.

Doton: Rikujou Douyou no jutsu (Earth Release: Ground shaking technique)
Description: Using this technique, the user sends chakra into the ground to cause the ground to shake. The spot of the ground to affect can be controlled. The magnitude of shaking is rather minor though, only capable of probably slightly unbalancing the opponent. If done while the opponent is not on firm ground, it may cause him/her to fall. Usually used for distraction as well.

Doton: Jihibiki Kansei no Jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Tremor Sense Technique)
Description: By touching the ground, the user can sense tremors or vibrations in the ground. These tremors indicate movement, which the user can sense, although he doesn't know who exactly it is. The range is half a mile.

Ohitsuji Kashira (Ram head)
Description: A basic earth protection jutsu where a small, curved wall about the size of the creator is created. It can deflect shuriken and fire jutsu but is weakened by water jutsu. For every rank, the wall grows 5 feet by 5 feet.

Doton: Tsuka no Tsuchi Souzou (Earth Release: Earth Mound Creation)
Description: The earth is caused to rise up at least 10 feet and a steep sloped mound is made with the shinobi performing this jutsu at its peak. The mound soaks up water like a sponge making this an effective jutsu to perform when fighting any water using shinobi.

Geigeki No Doro (Mud Inteceptor)
Description: The performer of this jutsu causes small mud balls to shoot out of the ground, deflecting and countering any projectiles. This has no effect on a person other than soiling their clothes. Though it has been used by many a boy who wished to get into a mud fight.

Doton: Sekkai Koutetsuban (Earth Release: Stone Breast Plate)
Description: By taking earth and rubbing it on his/her chest and stomach, the earth is hardened into a stone breast plate that adds extra protection to the user. The breastplate is held intact through the chakra molded into it.

Kajuu No Doro (Mud Weights)
Description: Mud shoots at a target’s limbs and then gets stuck, through chakra the mud is made to weigh a quarter ton(1/2 ton if chuunin and 1 ton if a Jounin). This helps to slow down opponents a great deal.

Doton Tamuro (Earth Release Camp)
Description: The user is able to carve out a small cave into the side of a mountain or hill. Then using that skill he is able to create living spaces, and stone furniture. With more skill the more with less detail the place will be. For the whole purpose of this ninjutsu is to make a hidden camp, while on a mission, so that enemy shinobi will be unable to find you.

Doton Bunsho (Earth Release Note)
Description: The user will create a note, then performing a hand seal he will dip the note into the earth where then the note will travel to the person to receive the note. This has its downfall though. An extremely skilled earth user will be able to sense the note and grab it out of the earth.

Doton Tsuna (Earth Release Rope)
Description: Using this skill requires the user to carry around a small piece of earth in his clothing, or must be around the ground not in a house. The user will perform the provided hand seals and a slender piece of earth will form and tie around an object or person(s).


Name of Jutsu: Iwa Toge Chakushu no Jutsu(Rock Thorn Launch Jutsu)
Range of Jutsu: 25 feet from center
Description: The user must know Iwa Toge Fushido no Jutsu(Rock thorn bed jutsu). The user performs Iwa Toge Fushido no Jutsu(Rock thorn bed jutsu) as usual, but sometimes the opponent jumps right toward the center. Then the user makes a single hand seal and presses their hands onto the ground again. They force chakra into the ground, causing all the spikes to fly out of the ground. These can travel about 100 mph for about 500 yards. They then rain down in about the same circle.

Name of Jutsu: Hell Zone Rock Shard
Range of Jutsu: 5x5 Yards
Description: This jutsu is a deadly one and may be difficult to dodge the user will focus his chakra into the ground shaking it violently then raising small rock shards from the ground then surrounds an Area of 5 yards by 5 yards then after a few seconds the user will clap his hands together the rock shards will then will gather into the center of the area destroying a target.

Doton: Doryu Taiga (Earth Release: Mud River)
Description: In this common stone jutsu, the user converts part of the floorground that he and his opponent are standing on into a raging avalanche of mud and earth. The opponent quickly loses hisher standing and starts sliding wherever the mud river will take himher.

Maruishi Tounyuu (Boulder throw)
Description: This technique focuses chakra on a single large boulder found in the vicinity and sends it flying towards an enemy. The impact is of course greater since it’s a big rock, and yet, being a big rock, it’s easier to dodge. Also, only one rock can be thrown at time. However if the user is good at chakra control, (those with tree and water walking mastered) this can be done in quick rapid succession (a few rocks sent consecutively, about 5). Can also be used on variations such as concrete rubble.

Tsuchi Shouaku no jutsu (Earth holding technique)
Description: This technique allows the user to manipulate the earth below an opponents feet to rise up and grab hold onto both their legs. The earth is rather durable, and can only be physically forced away by taijutsu specialists and human tanks. However, the downside is that the earth rises up rather slowly, and a well trained shinobi would be able to notice it fairly easily. Another disadvantage is that it can only be used on natural earth, meaning it can’t be used in buildings or grounds with no earth. Should be used only when the shinobi is distracted.

Doton: Katana no Jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Element Sword)
Description: Similarly to Doton Shuriken, the user picks up dirt and/or earth, molds chakra into the dirt/earth, and forms a sword. It isn’t as sharp or powerful as a real sword, and is destroyed after a few hits.

Doton: Karyoku Bunshin no Jutsu (Earth Release: Volcanic Earth Clone Skill)
Description: This jutsu creates one single clone out of the ground. Its defense is incredible, and it's very powerful, but lacks speed. The difference from the normal clone is that this one comes from heated earth, making it's skin almost volcanic and painful to touch. The bunshin can use one Doton jutsu.

Ryuusha no Jutsu (Quicksand skill)
Description: A simple yet effective skill. Using chakra, the user is able to create a pool of quicksand in the ground. The pool is ovalcircular, and is of about 4 feet in diameter. A perfect jutsu for setting traps, although it can be created under an opponent's feet, but will only work if the opponent's movement is severely hindered.

Doton: Doryuudan no Jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Dragon Blast)
Description: In this jutsu, a large mudstone structure appears from the ground in the shape of a dragon’s face. The dragon then shoots many earthmud “cannon balls” which hit the enemy with great speed.

Iwagakure: Shunshin no Jutsu (Hidden Earth: Instantaneous Body Skill)
Description: An ability which allows the user to transport from one area to another by lowering his body to the ground and eventually become "buried" in it. The user has to have been to the area before, and be able to sense the location with his own chakra before being able to transport him there. This means that the distance is limited to about one mile. This jutsu can only be used to escape combat, and only if the shinobi has not been attacked or is defending.

Doton: Rikujou Shougekiha no jutsu (Earth Release: Ground shockwave technique)
Description: This technique unleashes larger amounts of chakra into the ground to cause a more violent shaking to be sent in the form of a shockwave towards an opponent. The force of the shockwave is enough to knock a few opponents down and send them flying. However, due to the wave movements seen on the ground, most shinobis can dodge this by simply jumping up. Yet, it is still a useful technique to alter landscapes, or knock down objects even.

Doton: Ishi no Yari (Earth Release: Stone Spear)
Description: By using chakra to basically control the earth below and around them, the user turns it into sharp spears. This jutsu can be used both offensively and defensively. The user can either create a spear to block an opponent's movement, or they can hurl the spear at their opponent using chakra. The drawback here is, unless chakra is used, the spears cannot be pulled out of the ground manually; they are always set in place.

Iwa no Yoroi (Shield of Stone)
Description: A thin layer of protective mixture of stone and clay that covers a user's body. Since it makes the user cover him with hard stone and clay, this jutsu causes the user's body to weigh more and stamina usage is increased. Very similar to the armor of sand (Suna no Yoroi).

Doton: Doryu Heki (Earth Release: Mud Slide Barrier)
Description: A defensive jutsu in which the user creates a thick wall of mud and earth to defend against an attack. For every rank, the wall of mud is twenty feet wide and fifteen feet high.

Iwane Banpu (Rock Bump)
Description: A simple yet effective technique. The user performs a set variety of handseals, then takes a rock in his hands. He then throws the rock in the position he needs it to be, and the spot where the rock lands and puts an imprint into the dirt, a rectangular-prism shape, about a foot long, rises up out of the ground. Depending on how much chakra is put into the rock hecreated, the size of the earth rising can be from the length of an ankle up to a knee. Used for tripping the enemy.

Sekkai Senbon Hada (Stone Needle Skin)
Description: The Stone-nin’s body becomes entirely covered by earthen armor that has very sharp and durable needles. The armor itself isn’t very thick, but it still is highly discouraging to any taijutsu user to hit someone using this technique. While using this jutsu, the mobility of the performer is highly limited.

Doton: Bakuyaku Iwa Kawarimi (Earth Release: Explosive Stone Body Replacement)
Description: This jutsu replaces the body with a large stone or even a boulder, using Kawarimi no Jutsu. There is a rather dangerous difference though, the boulder that replaces the stone-nin’s body is explosive and if struck explodes with the force of an explosive note.

Doton: Wareme Souzou (Earth Release: Chasm Creation)
Description: When this jutsu is performed the stone-nin places his/her hands on the ground and focuses chakra into the earth. From the power of the chakra flowing into it, the earth splits apart and a chasm is created. The longer that the shinobi focuses chakra into the earth, the wider and deeper the chasm becomes. At first it is 10 feet deep and 3 feet wide, then it is 20 feet deep and 6 feet wide, and it continues increases by a depth of 10 and a width of 3 as long as it is continued. This is very useful when creating a protective barrier for someone else.

Sekkai Saka (Rock Hill Creation)
Description: A large hill made of rock is created. The slope is very steep and made of slippery shale rock. It is useful as a defensible platform to perform other techniques from. For every rank, the hill goes up 15 feet.

Doton: Iwane Wooru (Earth Release: Rock Wall)
Description: Starts out exactly like Iwane Banpu, by performing the same hand seals, and grabbing a rock, but it is a much bigger rock. Much more chakra is added to this rock, and whenever it hits, a large, rectangular prism-shaped object rises up out of the ground. This time, it is concentrated as a height, and is approximately three feet in width and six feet in height, stopping the enemy completely. Very useful in bad situations where a good defense is needed. A very sturdy wall that cannot be removed from the ground, almost like a wall of a building, made of stone. For every rank, another foot in width and 3 feet in height is added to the wall.

Doton: Iwa no Doomu (Earth Release: Earth dome)
Description: An elaboration of Doton Doryu Heki (Earth Element Mud Slide Barrier), this jutsu retains its predecessor's characteristics and more. Instead of forming a single, straight wall which can protect the user from only one angle, this jutsu enables the user to create a wall not just all around him, but from above him as well. If the technique is successful, the user should be inside a thick dome of stone which is quite difficult to destroy. The disadvantages are obvious- one cannot see outside the dome, and an opponent would have time to prepare an attack the user won't be aware of. Furthermore, holding the dome together requires a great deal of chakra, and the jutsu can only be active for a few minutes, and after that it will simply crash.

Doton Bakudan (Earth Release Bomb)
Description: By shifting the earth around and moving deep chemicals up to the outer layer of earth the user will be able to explode the earth out of the most simplest compounds.


Doton: Shindoryuudan no Jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Dragon God Blast)
Description: In this more advanced jutsu, the user slaps their open palm into the ground and it begins to shake. A large, bronze dragon head peaks out of the ground and roars to reveal its lengthy stone body. Then it dives back under, traveling to the opponent through the ground. When it finally reaches the opponent it shoots up in full dragon form and smashes into them with an enormous force, exploding on contact. The explosion causes the dragon's bronze body to move outward with immense force.

Doton: Kekkai Doroudomu (Earth Release: Clay Barrier Prison)
Description: Technique which completely surrounds an opponent in a prison made of clay or earth. The user then is able to absorb the enemy’s chakra through the walls. This absorption of chakra, however, only causes the victims to feel a bit weaker. Once the opponent leaves the prison, he feels like normal again. Since the walls of the prison are infused with a user's chakra, any damage taken by the prison is capable of being repaired/regenerated by that chakra.

Ikiumeru no Jutsu (Alive Burial Technique)
Description: By performing a series of hand seals, the user can make the ground underneath the target come alive, and split open. The earth will swallow the target like quick sand, while a large gap is made to pull the target into. When the entire target is underground, the ground grows solid again; leaving the target buried alive underground.

Doton: Sekkai Bunshin no Jutsu (Earth Release: Rock Clone Technique)
Description: A clone is actually created out of rock, not just dirt and other pieces of earth. This clone is faster and stronger than a simple earth clone. The bunshin can have the exact Physical stats of the user. The bunshin can use 1 Doton jutsu.

Doton: Retsudo Tenshou (Earth Release: Splitting earth force)
Description: This causes a violent earth rift to be sent towards an opponent by slamming one’s open palms on the ground and sending chakra deep in. The earth rifting force can cause unstable grounds to completely collapse, and basically crack open the ground ahead and causes changes to the landscape as well as cause some severe damage. Best used along with other shinobis to cause a large scale destructive force.

Doton: Kazangan Doryuudan no Jutsu (Earth Release: Volcanic Dragon Blast)
Description: Creating the same bronze dragon head from the ground, but a lot larger than before, this jutsu however summons up lava from within the planet's centre, and blasts it towards the target.

Doton: Yomi Numa (Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld)
Description: A technique which creates a large viscous swamp underneath an opponent. The enemy is unable to move once trapped within the swamp, also it has the distinct ability to subdue any chakra effect, hence one cannot walk on it using chakra.

Doton: Kyuu Tsuchi dageki (Earth Release: Sudden earth strike)
Description: A much more advanced version of the Tsuchi Shouaku, a Jounin can cause the earth to rise up at a much faster pace than the Tsuchi Shouaku, in fact in a very sudden manner fast enough to catch most shinobis off guard. Also, instead of just grabbing an opponent’s leg, this technique can cause the earth to rise up and form an ‘arm’ to strike the opponent from behind. Alternatively, one can also control it upon the earth mass the opponent stands on to suddenly spring up such that it acts something like an ejector or catapult to suddenly launch the opponent into the air by suddenly jerking up with a tremendous force. The durability of the earth risen is nearly as thick as rock, meaning that now, even taijutsu specialists would encounter difficulty in breaking out of it. However, like the Tsuchi Shouaku, the disadvantage of this technique is the fact that it can only be used with natural earth.

Doton: Tsuchi Zuhan Danmaku (Earth Release: Earth plate barrage)
Description: This powerful technique utilises a large amount of chakra to literally lift up pieces of the ground and hurling them at the opponent. With a force greater than Retsudo Tenshou, this technique not only sends violent earth rifts forward, it actually lifts the pieces of ground and throws them at the opponent. Being a ninjutsu, this uses chakra instead of brute strength to perform, unlike its taijutsu variations.

Dosekiryuu no Jutsu (Rock Avalanche Technique)
Description: The user must be near the side of a mountain. A powerful technique, the user molds his chakra to cause an avalanche off the side of a mountain, destroying everything in its path. There is the chance that the user can get caught in the avalanche as well.

Yougan Eisha no Jutsu (Lava Swimmer Technique)
Description: The Shinobi is able to swim through lava unharmed, though they can not do so for extended periods of time.

Sekkai Keibou (Stone Guard Creation)
Description: This technique creates a phalanx of semi animate stone figures with large shields, tiger heads, and giant pikes. The phalanx of monsters are as fast as a genin, but may only fight as a single unit. They can not stray more than 3 feet from one another. The performer of this technique must remain at the center of this phalanx or the phalanx will become immobile.

Bouseki Take (Spinning Peak)
Description: After either the Earth Mound Creation or Rock Hill Creation are used, the shinobi may perform this technique. This causes the mound of earth to spin rapidly making standing on it nigh unto impossible. Only the very peak, where the stone-nin is standing, remains immobile.

Doton: Kukan no Sekkai Senshi (Earth Release: Body of the Stone Warrior)
Description: The shinobi immerses themself within the earth and then rises out of it again covered in earth. The earth form a giant body of stone made to be formidable and defensible. It is almost as if the Stone-nin has gained another body. The body is usually at least 10 feet tall and comes complete with a large shield in one hand and a sword, spear, or pike in the other. Only the face of the Stone-nin can be seen. Other stone jutsus can be used after the performance of this jutsu from the stone of the warrior itself. As it stands on the ground it automatically replenishes its supply of stone. The shinobi cannot move, however, and the stone body can be destroyed by continuous attacks.

Yougan Numa (Lava Pool)
Description: The user of this technique summons lava from the depths of the earth and creates a large pool of it.This is most often used to place in a charging shinobi’s path as a means of greatly discouraging any frontal assault. For every rank, the pool is 5 feet across and 1 foot deep and can be performed ten feet away.

Yougan Gou (Lava Moat)
Description: Similar to the Mud Moat, this jutsu converts the area immediately surrounding the performer of it into a shallow moat full of lava. Due to the nature of the moat, water walking can not be performed on it. Only an area of 1½ feet in diameter remains of solid, dry land for the user to stand on. For every rank, the moat is 3 feet deep and 20 feet diameter.

Yougan no Tate (Lava Shield)
Description: The user of this jutsu summons lava from the center of the earth and creates a shield from it, surrounding him in a diameter of up to 2 meters. This jutsu defends against most fire, water and grass based attacks, though it consumes a great deal of chakra.

Sekkai Bunshin: Shinogeru Inshou (Stone Clone: Protective Seal)
Description: Defensive seal that protects an Earthen wall from all types of attacks. More than one seal must be used to be effective. Seals must be attacked to get past the incredible defense at which time they create a rock clone of whoever destroys the seal.

Sekkai Zanchuu (Stone Pillar)
Description: A stone pillar lifts the shinobi high in the air away from combat. The pillar comes equipped with small stone needles that shoot when touched. The creator of the stone pillar has a limited control over it that allows it to move very slowly. This is a great way to increase the distance between the defender and an attacker. The pillar rises up 30 feet into the air.

Doton: Iwa Guntai Tate (Earth Release: Rock Army Shield)
Description: A flat defensive slab of earth shoots out of the ground and forms walls that guards each member of your team. The maximum number of people that can be protected are four. The user of the technique decides which side of his/her allies the wall will be formed on. For every rank, the user can create shields in a 40 foot diameter.

Koudo Supaiku (Earth Spikes)
Description: The user is able to use their chakra and then lift it upward to form a spike. Which would be just as sharp as any sword or spear. If used right it could be stronger

Shishi no Koudo (Limbs of Earth)
Description: The user will perform the needed hand seals and earth will come up through their clothing and take the form of an arm or leg. If needed it can also reinforce a joint in the body.


Yougan Tsunami no Jutsu (Lava Tsunami Technique)
Description: The user calls upon a substantially large amount of lava from the center of the earth. Due to the obvious distance, it takes quite some time for the lava to reach the face of the earth, but once it gets there, it becomes a furious tidal wave that burns and singes everything on its path. An extremely powerful and dangerous jutsu that should not be attempted unless the user is sure hisher allies will not be hurt by it. The tidal wave's size is about that of Suiton Daibakufu no jutsu and is fully controlled by the user.

Yougan Ryuu Bakuha no Jutsu (Lava Dragon Explosion Technique)
Description: Used mostly after the use of Yougan Tsunami no Jutsu, this jutsu enables the user to create a powerful current of Lava in the shape of a dragon. The dragon can move anywhere there is lava and can even leave the lava, but for only a short while.

Doton: Iwa Finaru (Earth Release: Rock finale)
Description: This jutsu uses up almost all of the shinobi’s chakra. It is highly destructive, and almost ascertains death. Rocks and debris materials, as well as chunks of the earth will continuously barrage at the opponent from all directions. As soon as each of the pieces of earth, rock or debris approaches the opponent, they will explode, causing a brutal destructive force with all the pieces exploding. Using this technique as mentioned will use up almost all of the ninja's chakra, meaning it can only be done once in a long time, and after using it, the ninja will be unable to perform anymore jutsus and will likely have to flee if there are more opponents.

Doton Tsuchi Tsunami no Jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Giant Wave Technique)
Description: After a long series of seals, the user puts his hand on the ground and molds a massive amount of chakra into it. A large, tsunami size wave of earth and rock rises up in front of the user and crashes forward, doing immense damage to the landscape. It is the same size as the Yougan Tsunami no Jutsu.

Yama Souken (Mountain Creation)
Description: A technique that literally changes a landscape incredibly, the user creates a small mountain, about 750 ft high. The mountain is made entirely of rock, dirt, and earth. When the mountain is created, it can totally destroy the area around it, ripping out trees and buildings from underneath. This may only be used once in a while and only when the jounin is at full strength, without having used any other jutsu. Afterward, the jounin cannot use any other jutsu due to sheer exhaustion.

Sekkai Suke (Stone Shell)
Description: Protects an ally or allies with a three sided stone shell, up to 3 can be created at once. This is basically the Army Shield technique only with a wider scope of defense. The user has a diameter of 100 feet.

Sekkai Daichi Souzou (Stone Castle Creation)
Description: A small fortress made of earth is created that can be filled with traps. After this jutsu is used then any trap related earth jutsu only requires 1 seal to perform when using the materials of the fort. Can only be used once in a while. The traps are simple, such as collapsing ceilings, closing walls etc.

Yougan Kabe (Lava Wall)
Description: Summoning lava from the depths of the earth, a large protective wall of lava is created. The wall is 60 feet across and 40 feet high.

Yougan Kosui Souzou (Lava Lake Creation)
Description: A large lake of lava is created. This is a highly deadly, highly destructive, and highly defensible technique that can only be used once in a while. An 80 foot diameter lake is created.

Yougan Mori Souzou (Lava Forest Creation)
Description: Lava is summoned from the depths of the earth and numerous pillars of lava are created making frontal assaults impossible. The pillars are 10 feet high and 5 feet wide. They come up within a 40 feet diameter, and disappear shortly.

Kongou no Jutsu (Diamond Skill)
Description: Basically you perform the hand seals and diamond will cover the object you desire out of thin air. The downside is it restricts the movement of the object to a very low degree.
(This may not be used on an enemy or hostile object)

Kougo Hada (Earth Body)
Description: An add on to the Limbs of Earth Skill. The user will be able to add on anything that their body doesn’t already have such as Wings, Tails, Claws, ect.

Kouseitan Kawa (Element Skin)
Description: A jutsu that allows the user to transform their skin into one of the users elements. The user takes a fourth of their elemental chakra and stores it all over there body. However, this must be the useres main element inorder to do it.