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Jutsu are also divided into five basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, and Wind. These are used in the "Jutsu Natur

The Elements. Arrows show what the Element is strongest against

e Change" in which the shinobi alters the flow of their chakra to suit their birth element. Later on, usually after Jounin level, the shinobi may be able to use one or two more, but weaker elements. Some shinobi can combine two or three of their elements to create unique elements such as Captain Yamato's Wood Style. In order to create the most powerful jutsu, a ninja must combine both Nature Change and Shape Change techniques. An example of shape change is the Rasengan. An example of both combined, would be Kakashi and Sasuke's Chidori.

The Five Releases

Fire Release

Water Release

Earth Release

Lightning Release

Wind Release